Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Deluge Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci: the aesthetics of destruction.

chalk on paper
Dimensions: 163 x 210 cm
Gallery: Royal Collection, Windsor Castle, London, UK

"Linked to Leonardo's scientific studies of water and the elements, of the movements of water and air, the representation and narrative of floods and related weather occurrences (either seen or imagined), the destructive as well as the creative aspects of nature, the forces of nature and the studies of energy, these drawings have impressed and intrigued scholars and amateurs since they
were made available by the publication of Leonardo's manuscripts, from the 19th century on.
The group of works known as the "Deluge drawings" represents, according to the critics, perhaps the most evident or the most accomplished expression of the unity of art and science, of knowledge and imagination in the art of Leonardo." READ HERE

M. Guimarães Lima 
LEONARDO DA VINCI Flux, Spirals And The Aesthetics Of Destruction

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